How To Teach Your Dog Not To Jump Up On Visitors

There are two approaches you may take to this quite common drawback.

Both will work. One is extra work than the opposite. And a few individuals say one is extra light and humane than the opposite.

You will want to decide on one approach and persistently apply it.

(1) Use your knee

That is the one which even non-dog house owners learn about.

The canine comes as much as you, quivering with pleasure. He rears as much as place his paws in your abdomen or chest. You flip sideways simply earlier than he is ready to put his paws on you, and lift your knee so he meets a tough, pointed-but-blunt object. After hanging on that for a second or two he drops to the bottom. You win.

There are a few additional issues you are able to do at this level.

You’ll be able to train him that he will get a nice reception when his 4 ft are on the bottom, by squatting down subsequent to him when he has dropped off your knee and giving him a whole lot of consideration and fuss.

And if he will get his paws in your earlier than you may increase your knee, then do every thing you may to look uninterested. Do not reward your canine in any approach. (and meaning not pushing him away along with your palms, as that is an pleasurable sport for any canine. Do not speak to him. Ignore him. make what he desires to be a sport, a particular non-event.

OK. that is the knee within the chest. However there’s another.

(2) Use your palms

When the canine jumps up, this second approach has you catching maintain of his legs with each palms — and standing there. His bounce has all of the sudden acquired ‘frozen’. Nothing is occurring. There was no response. As an alternative, he is been caught and might’t do something!

Maintain him like that. Maintain on to him and do not transfer. Draw this out. Make it linger for so long as you may. Speak to him if you wish to, however maintain him up.

Most canine, after a while, will begin to slobber in your palms. That is your sign — drop him. Exhausting. Do not decrease him to the bottom, however quite, let him go abruptly.

Then, when he is down on the bottom squat down there with him and provides him the encouraging, pleasurable time he hoped for by leaping up just a few moments earlier.

This manner he learns that the very best response from you is all the time when he is on his 4 legs!

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